Thomson Reuters – Global Trade Management

A desktop application product with a legacy of 25 years is currently undergoing a significant modernization effort. This transformation encompasses transitioning the product into a web-based application. Notably, the product encompasses various modules dedicated to streamlining Import/Export processes.

The modernization process

The team consists of approximately 60 professionals, including Product Owners (POs), Project Managers (PMs), and myself.

I collaborated with stakeholders and deliberated on support data, leading to user interviews for uncovering pain points.

My daily responsibilities encompass crafting UI-enhancing templates for automated conversations and spearheading design and business initiatives. Specific modules, crucial for users and the company, are targeted through periodic sprints, employing Design Thinking and Sprint Design frameworks.

Design approach

Acknowledging the challenges posed by intricate navigation, I began a redesign to foster a more user-friendly and efficient flow, lessening friction and enhancing usability.

My emphasis on a user-centric approach prioritizes users’ needs and experiences. This transformation enhances user experience and underscores their importance, aligning seamlessly with customer expectations.

Figma files

To see the whole work done in Figma, click on the links below:

Global Trade – ExportGlobal Trade – InOut