Thomson Reuters – InOut



A solution used in the foreign trade process. InOut makes the integration between solutions and helps in the resolution of Import and Export Interfaces.

The users have to identify what are the interfaces with errors, analyse the log and make the decision to fix, reschedule and or remove them. These decisions make the user’s work continue.

Problem Definition

To address the given challenge of redesigning the whole switch, starting with InOut, I started with the discovery process by speaking with users and stakeholders.

I aimed to gather insights about who the user is using, what flow they follow and most importantly, identify what are the problems to use.

Prototype Results

The precipitants had to achieve the two main goals of the user flow to indicate a successful design.

“Filter Interface by status”
“Find the Interfaces Executed and read the log”

Test Results:
I sorted all pain points by priority and implemented participants’ feedback into the next stage of development.

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