Patient Flow Capacity Suite for COVID-19

The Patient Flow Capacity Suite (PFCS) dashboard provides hospitals with a complete view of patients. This tool also enables hospital staff to efficiently manage resources such as bed capacity and equipment availability.

The addition of a Dark mode design offers a practical solution for users working in dimly lit environments while enhancing usability. This ensures users can confidently and accurately utilize the dashboard’s features.

The PFCS dashboard

Being part of the Philips design team, I worked closely with specialists from ten Brazilian hospitals, effectively connecting user needs with healthcare processes. In tight collaboration with the development team, we carefully designed screens for the electronic medical records platform, resulting in a highly efficient solution.

This enables medical professionals to efficiently plan patient discharges, facilitating the transition to “Home Care.” Additionally, hospitals can enhance staff management, expand bed capacity, and forecast admission rates.

Design decisions

The Dark Mode interfaces were meticulously designed to ensure excellent visibility, even in low-light conditions, taking into account prolonged usage.

Charts, presented as widgets, aid users in swiftly grasping information, fostering dynamic understanding, and facilitating decision-making.

Careful selection of colours, fonts, and charts ensures the clear presentation of critical statements during peak congestion, along with proactive alerts for potential catastrophic situations.

Addressing user concerns, notably related to hospitalization procedures and bed availability, I constructed a comprehensive user journey. The resulting solution caters to diverse admission scenarios.