FedEx – BR Export

FedEx Brazil is currently confronted with the task of automating the process of sorting and selecting its customers’ export goods.

On a daily basis, FedEx Brazil navigates a rigorous routine involving scanning, potential separation, government data transmission, document reception, and aircraft loading – all of which must be achieved within a tight timeframe.

As the lead designer on the project through Thomson Reuters, I collaborated with FedEx to address these challenges. Beyond bridging FedEx with the Brazilian government, Thomson Reuters also played a pivotal role in streamlining and enhancing FedEx’s workflow.

Problem Statement

Every day, the company tackles the task of loading 1000+ goods onto aircraft before the shift ends.

User Journey Map

The user journey underscores the importance of simplifying documentation creation for submissions to the Brazilian government, revealing the stress inherent in certain workflows.

User Flow

I closely collaborated with users to understand their challenges and needs, acting as a Business Analyst to develop an effective solution.

Designing at Scale

I’ve crafted components as integral parts of our design system, aimed at accelerating the UI development process.

High Fidelity Prototype

I created a prototype mapping out the user flow, I connected the steps to visualize the entire process. This approach allowed for the execution of tasks.


The app makes users feel that Beans & Brew genuinely cares about meeting their needs.
What the users say:

The time I spend preparing and sending documents to the Federal Revenue Service in PDF format has become much simpler and easier.

What I learned

The design solution fosters a sense of productivity and reduces user stress, demonstrating genuine concern for meeting their needs. Users perceive the revamp as attentive to their well-being and preferences.

Mobile App
Web App
Figma files

To see the whole work done in Figma, click on the links below:

FedEx – LAC – BR Export


A video showcasing individuals testing both systems – Desktop and Mobile.

Video showcasing