A senior UX / UI Designer at Philips


World-class import/export
classification software from
Thomson Reuters

My work

My work on this project was focused on UI but my main contribution was to help to improve the business.

People were looking for on these screens a code that matches the products they are looking for to classify and answer government in their country to the corresponding tax for these products. Otherwise, probably they must pay more.

I have improved with a lot of studies and final design this way to find those codes. I create a way to the screen to be "smart" and indicate what is the probable code the user must choose.


What we get with that

Helping users in 80% of the time to choose the right code and expend a lot of less time for each task.

It was kind of a simple project, but it is has a huge result.
Companies around the world started using that Classification tool after these improvements.

It was an amazing experience and I am proud to make part that.