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A complete solution for the user's needs
dashboard/reports and information in a quick way.

Thomson Reuters

About the company

Thomson Reuters
Global trade management
A suite of solutions, which can consolidate all global trade processes using a single user interface.

In 2017, Thomson Reuters / Global trade management started developing a Report tool for each module of the suit. A solution for users could access the information organized and helping a daily operation.

My role

I've participated in the process of creating this new tool, I developed the registration flow, UI. It was a very simple feature but with great delivery value.


The new version of the website aimed to make the site an attractive and informative channel, putting all the information necessary for drivers, passengers, and companies.

The process


At the discovery phase, I conducted user and stakeholders interviews in order to get a better understanding of the needs.

Some questions were made

  • In a nutshell, what are Reports trying to solve? 

  • What is the value proposition of Reports?

  • How do you typically communicate the value to clients? 

  • Who are the primary users of Reports? How are they segmented?

Dashboards  / Reports


Based on the stakeholder interviews we set up two personas. We referred to them throughout the entire report tool development.

That helps to understand users and make other people involved in the process to understand, who are the users and what their frustration and needs.

It was the main argument to advocate for the users the design process start.

Dashboards  / Reports

Card Sorting

We held a Card Sorting session to validate the need for each persona with other stakeholders. That way we put all areas on the same page and guarantee the users needs and what stakeholders were looking for.

Dashboards  / Reports


Based on these studies, we set out to construct wireframes. This process was carried out with the participation of the Product Owner to validate and align the navigation flow of the new hierarchy of information.

User Testing

Before launching the product, I've made a testing round in order to reveal possible usability problems and things I've done right.

All wireframes were made using the Sketch app and later uploaded in InVision which was used to do the test usability with users in different countries.

Dashboards  / Reports

UI Design

Thomson Reuters has a UX Design team which is responsible to analyze and approve all process and design was made in any office around the world.

I've submitted all the studies and design I've done to this team to get them the approval.

Advocating in name of the user I got a couple of brand need changes and all studies were approved and then it was submitted to the development team.


What did I Learn?

Listen to people (user or stakeholders)

Card Sorting is a powerful tool

Engage developers in the stage of ideation

Interviews and documentation is the best way to advocate.