I have used Design Thinking as the process of understanding and proposing a solution with lo-fi and hi-fi design.

I’ve sketched and drawn some ideas on paper to idealize before starting doing the lo-fi design and seeing how that was working. I do believe in this way is possible to fail early and change the plans as well soon.

Customer Journey

To understand how customers find and interact with the service I’ve created a Customer Journey Map.

What I get with:

  • It’s clear where is the user touchpoints.
  • Where the users get doubts and where I have better opportunities to help them?
  • I have the opportunity to understand where the user’s frustrations came from.


At the beginning of my design process, I created wireframes for testing purposes and again to see if that is making part of what I am looking for and if it makes sense for people involved before it gets far and a lot of work for nothing.

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