PJBank - Digital Account

The flow and app are to users who could open a business account on the PJBank.
The project aims to understand users’ touchpoints and make the process faster and complete the process.

  • I have first worked together with the stakeholders (PO’s and business team) to understand the core of the problem. It was important to improve usability but was important to help the business team continues selling the product.
  • The main users are Gen X+, was important to make all understand that to guarantee communication and design could speak with the users.
  • These studies solve the communication giving feedback for the users and making the flow process easier and faster, making the users comfortable.

Customer Journey

To understand how customers find and interact with the service we created a Customer Journey Map and make all involved people put themselves in the same as users are.


At the beginning of my design process, I created wireframes for testing purposes.

It clarifies fast what was the ideas were being proposed and makes the communication and understands clear for all involved.

UI Design

I have worked as well as UI Designer proposing a revamp design with an Atomic Design approach.

Creating and maintaining the components and these are the results of all design made.